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Brow Shape


During a Brow shaping appointment, we will map out your brows out based off your eye & face shape, and current brow hairs, all while taking the client's wishes into account to create the perfect brow shape! We will also determine which type of wax or tweezing is best for your skin.

Brow Tint


Brow tinting is the process in which the Brow hairs are dyed with tint that is safe for the face and skin! We have a variety of colors and combinations we can mix to tint the brows. The Brow tint may last on the skin for a couple of days and up to 4 weeks on the brows.

Brow Stain


Brow staining is similar to brow tinting except we have a wider range of colors and it lasts longer. Brow staining lasts on the skin for up to 10 days and up to 7 weeks on the hair. Our brow stain does not contain henna.


Brow Lamination


Brow lamination is a safe chemical process which restructures the brow hairs to keep them in the desired place. It is the go to treatment to create shape, volume and fullness whist giving a sleek well-kept brow shape. Brow lamination can last up to 8 weeks. Includes brow shaping & your choice of stain or tint.

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